George Crumb

Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik was commissioned by pianist Emanuele Arciuli as part of his traveling road-show featuring various composers’ takes on Thelonious Monk’s Round Midnight. Written for amplified piano in Crumb’s inimitable style of performance both inside and outside the instrument, its nine brief movements (lasting about 20 minutes) don’t limit themselves to Monk. Golliwog Revisited has some fun with Debussy, while Wagner and Richard Strauss also pop up now and again; here, as played by Arciuli, it sounds marvelously jazzy and evocative. In fact, Crumb’s music is ideal for home listening, where nothing comes between the listener and the music, and where it’s much easier to give the music the quiet concentration that it requires. In sum, this is another outstanding release in Bridge’s exceptionally important ongoing complete Crumb edition. Don’t miss it!
David Hurwitz, “Classic Today”, 8/5/2005